Seasonal Cleanup

Spring Clean Up

Spring clean up usually begins in mid March and ends at the end of April. The process begins with cleaning out all the gutters on your house, garage, sheds, and roof areas. We then pick up any sticks twigs and branches greater than the thickness of your finger and dispose. We cut back any ornamental grasses, prune back hydrangeas, roses, and any other plants required to be pruned or maintained during this time. We blow any debris out of the beds onto open lawn areas where it can easily be managed. We then thatch the lawn with a mechanical thatching machine. This machine will easily loosen up the build up of twigs, leaves, acorns, and excessive dead grass that has accumulated above the soil line. We are then able to hard blow the lawn with backpack blowers and collect the remaining debris into piles. After loading the debris onto our truck we then mow all lawn areas, trim the edges, and blow off all the hardscape areas.

Fall Clean Up

Fall clean up consists of cleaning out all of the gutters on your house, garage, shed, and roof surfaces. We then collect all sticks twigs and branches greater than the width of your finger, and dispose. Next we cut back any perennials that have gone by. We then clean out all of the beds around the foundation and throughout the yard onto open lawn areas. This process is done either by raking and/or blowing the debris with a backpack blower.

We collect the heaviest of debris by a tarp or barrel. Once the beds are clean we then use the mower to not only mow but to also vacuum up as much of the remaining debris that is left. If the mowing process does not meet our standards for the way the lawn should look, then we hard blow the debris out of the lawn with backpack blowers. Thus ensuring the maximum amount of debris that has either fallen and/or blown into your yard is now removed from the lawns surface. All of the debris has now been piled up so that we can vacuum up the debris with our state-of-the-art vacuum truck.

Fall cleanups take place just before Thanksgiving and to be finished before Christmas. For those of you who enjoy raking your own yard may also hire us in what we call “you rake them we take them” program. Leave your debris as pictured above, easily accessible, and/or underneath a tarp with the tarp being held down on all four corners. We will schedule a time with you to drive by your house and vacuum up the debris so that we may compost them properly.