Pruning and Trimming

Tree and shrub pruning is more than simply cutting limbs away from nearby objects. We consider pruning an art, and an integral part of a lasting plant health care program.

Properly pruned plants resist storm damage, pests, and disease infestations.

Pruning Walkway

We try to hand prune our trees and shrubs for more of a natural look. Poor pruning practices can result in a week unsightly plant or even cause death. Our job is to disturb the plant as little as possible when pruning. This is especially important when pruning in environmentally sensitive areas such as vista pruning or perimeter pruning.

When size reduction is necessary, it is healthier for the plant to remove an entire branch back to the main trunk or leader than it is to prune back the tips. The optimum time to prune is when the plant has finished flowering. Thinning of deciduous trees and shrubs is recommended to be done in late winter or just before buds begin to swell.

Pruning Landscape

We shape and shear shrubs that have outgrown their position in the landscape and or where planted to maintain privacy. In some instances hedges like privet requires 3 to 4 visits per season in order to maintain the desired shape. In the case of shearing we rake our shrubs clean so that dead is not left behind and turning brown on the shrub. All debris is raked up and blown off upon completion.