Lawn Mowing

Mike Stacy landscaping recognizes that our mow crews are one of the most important parts of our team. Since they are the ones that frequent the property the most, we rely on them to give us the most up-to-date information on the condition of the landscape. Although they might not be able to perform a certain task at the time of the mow, they can decrease the time it takes for us to respond.

Our mow season begins around May 1st and goes through October. We mow weekly and biweekly depending on the condition of the lawn and the preference of the customer. We typically mow all of our lawns at 3 inches in height during the growing season, but we can mow at different heights if requested. We only mow if the grass needs cutting and is relatively dry. It is important to have your irrigation off the day that we mow so the lawn will get the best cut possible.

Lawn mowing edge

We pay special attention to altering our mowing pattern each week, and avoiding the infamous turn marks. We prefer to disperse of your clippings as it returns a source of nitrogen back into the lawn, a nutrient crucial to keeping the grass green and healthy. In some cases dispersing the clippings is not possible, so we bag and dispose of them.

Lawn Mowing

All of the outside edges of the lawn are line trimmed, and vertically edged as necessary. This includes walkways, driveways, and steppingstones. All of these areas are then blown off, including grass clippings in the beds and any clumps on the lawn.