Lawn and Tree Fertilization

One of the most important aspects of year-round landscape care is a Lawn Care Program and Tree and Shrub Program.

Lawn Fertilization

We work closely with a professionally trained and experienced, locally owned company. As we are the company who is overseeing and managing any or all of your landscape maintenance needs, we still maintain control over when applications are performed.

Here on the Cape we are all faced with a major concern of our water bodies, and potential health hazards of our septic systems and fertilizer use. At the present time the majority of our fertilization is done with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. This we call a conventional lawn and tree program. However we are trying to educate our clientele into a more ecologically sensitive program. This is what we are calling a “bridge program.”

With the bridge program, the actual fertilization applied to the lawn is an organic based product, but any control method for things like grubs, and or weeds are taken care of by synthetic products. With the right understanding and tolerance for a lawn less than perfect than a golf course then we also offer totally organic programs as well. With a little education in both organic lawn and tree care programs the future of organic practices will become an industry-standard.