Dry Retention Pond

What a functional yet truly beautiful addition to a sloping landscape!

Featured here are pictures of a drainage solution to the water run off produced by a sloped driveway. It remains dry until the downspouts and the rain from the driveway fills it in. Within hours it drains through the existing stone and into the soil.

Water run off created by sloped driveway

Step one: Creating a path for the flow of water

From the top of the basin area the overflow drains down this dry river bed and into the catch basin below. Ongoing plantings will be incorporated into this retention pond area to help soak up the excess water during heavy periods of rain.

Water Flowing to the New Dry Retention Pond

Water flowing to the new dry retention pond

Further down the driveway

Not only functional, these dry ponds add beauty and character to otherwise troublesome areas.

Bottom of the dry retention pond

The catch basin at the bottom of the driveway collects excess flow, and looks good doing it!