Drainage Issues

We solve all types of drainage issues, and we do it well. The portfolio here shows some of the work that goes into a most complex example.

This pit is 4´ wide x 4´ wide x 4´ deep. It has proven to be a solution to water issues in basements, and run off into the areas of the landscape where water is creating a problem. We use a downspout adapter to a 4″ flexible corrugated pipe to a 30 gallon plastic container that has no bottom but sides with 1″ holes for water seepage and a top. The fabric contains the gravel and does not allow the outside soil to mix and fill in the air spaces created by the stone thus preventing the system from failure. We have connected outdoor showers to this system and also installed them in low lying areas where water has a chance of standing. Special necks can be connected at the top of the lid to get to the surface. We bury this system with at least 6″ of loam on top.